For all creators and makers. Ready for a better way to sell?

Openspot is a new e-commerce platform where local sellers can develop their own identity and community. Scroll down to learn what we're doing different.

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Sell with ease.

Make money without a major investment in equipment or time. We've focused on making the process so simple that you can invest time in creating what you love and telling your community about it.

Build value in your community.

Think Instagram meets Etsy - but with the morals and mission to give back. We're driven by creating meaningful and shared-value relationships by encouraging open interaction between local makers. Everyone can build a valuable community of support.

No subscription. No listing fee. No ads.

Yes to a flat 10% fee per transaction, including all bank transfer fees. That's two thirds the cost of many large platforms. And you can't buy your way to the top of the feed, so we truly reward engagement and effort.

Access for everyone. Complete data protection.

All private data is encrypted so no one can access it. Not even us. This means we're not building user profiles with the aim to sell it, like other platforms. Our main pillar is to keep everybody safe and in control. We see the value in what you create as value enough.

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